New media art by Yorgo Alexopoulos at the Torrence Art Museum of 56 cube shaped tvs all synchronised to play colors and nature scenes
Yorgo Alexopoulos, No Feeling is Final; In Five Chapters, Multichannel digital animation with sound, custom electronics and related A/V equipment, 32 x 9 feet, 10 minute continuous loop (Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, California)
Large video projection of the earth y Yorgo Alexopoulos at the Row Hotel New York City
Yorgo Alexopoulos, Transmigrations, 24-channel installation (Commissioned by Row NYC)
Permanent new media art installation by yorgo alexopoulos consisting of 20 cube-shaped digital displays showing mountains and shapes in blue hues for the IM building in Chicago, Illinois
Yorgo Alexopoulos, Beguiled by Mystery, Digital animation with sound, twenty displays, custom electronics and related A/V equipment, bronze frame, mirrors, 30 x 2 feet, 10 minute continuous loop (Permanent commission for the IBM Building, Chicago, Illinois)
Projected artwork by new media artist Yorgo Alexopoulos of nature scenes with brightly colored geometric shapes overlayed at the Laguna Art Museum Art and Nature
Yorgo Alexopoulos, 360° Azimuth, two-channel video projection with sound (Laguna Art Museum's seventh edition of Art & Nature, Laguna Beach, CA)
Yorgo Alexopoulos, Everything In-Between, Six-channel 4k digital animation, six LCD monitors, custom electronics, 69 x 110 inches (Commissioned by the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation, exhibition view from New Mexico History Museum)

Yorgo Alexopoulos’ work has been written about in Artforum, The New York Times, The Creators Project (VICE Magazine), Architectural Digest, Forbes and Fast Company Design. Alexopoulos is a member of the legendary Los Angeles graffiti crew WCA (West Coast Artists), when during his youth he tagged ASH, helping to pioneer the graffiti movement in Southern California during the 1980s. Find his new media artworks at Melissa Morgan Fine Art on El Paseo in Palm Desert.

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