Nellie King Solomon SMOCA exhibition
Beyond: Works by Nellie King Solomon and Barbara Stauffacher Solomon (Exhibition at SMoCA, Scottsdale, AZ)
Nellie King Solomon in studio with monumental artwork
Nellie King Solomon with UUUUU 11-16 and Un-Raveled Field I (on table) in studio (photo credit Nick Aguayo)
Large Nellie King Solomon painting in soda ash on mylar
Nellie King Solomon, Un-Raveled Field I, 8 x 8 feet, Acrylic, soda ash, chrystalina on Mylar (with ladder for scale)
Nellie King Solomon large painting on mylar
Nellie King Solomon, Rip & Flip, Frictions of Historical Fictions, 8 x 8’ feet, Acrylic, soda ash, christalina, on Mylar
Nellie King Solomon orange and grey painting in monumental size
Nellie King Solomon, Zipper UUUUU 1-6, 18 feet 2 inches x 8 feet, Acrylic on Mylar

Nellie King Solomon approaches painting with equal parts irreverence and admiration. In lieu of canvas and brushes King Solomon paints on the sharp industrial material of Mylar, using custom wood and glass tools for pulling the paint around in sweeping, gestural marks. Bold colors and unusual materials, like asphalt, swirl about, captivating the senses and revealing the tension between spontaneity and rigor at work in her practice. View works by King Solomon at Melissa Morgan Fine Art on El Paseo, in Palm Desert, California.

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