Kimberly Brooks oil painting of a golden cathedral type ceiling with opulent hanging chandelier, partially abstract, from the exhibition Painting Architecture at MOAH Lancaster
Kimberly Brooks, Chandelier, Oil and gold on linen, 60 x 48 inches (Fever Dreams: A Mid-Career Survey, Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut, CA)
Kimberly Brooks oil painting of a green jungle entryway to a larger forest at her exhibition Fever Dreams
Kimberly Brooks, G-d Does It Every Day, Oil, gold and silver on linen, 72 x 108 inches, (Painting Architecture Solo Exhibition, Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA)
An abstract oil painting by Kimberly Brooks that loosely depicts Queen Elizabeth from an exhibition titled Incognito at Santa Monica Museum
Kimberly Brooks, The Queen, Oil on paper, 8 x 10 inches (INCOGNITO, Santa Monica Museum of Art’s annual exhibition)
Collage and painting by Kimberly Brooks for Thread and Bone at the Cooper Design Building that resembles draped fabric over a vintage mannequin
Kimberly Brooks, 30 x 60 inch collage panels for the site-specific installation, Thread & Bone, Cooper Design Space, Los Angeles, CA
Oil painting by Kimberly Brooks of Nicole Kidman laying on a couch in opera gloves and an emerald green satin dress for The Stylist Project
Kimberly Brooks, The Stylist Project (Featured internationally and the exhibition was used as the Oscar Party for Vanity Fair sponsored by Dior)

Born in New York City Kimberly Brooks grew up in Mill Valley, California where she studied sculpture, drawing, and painting as a child. She attended UC Berkeley and earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in literature. Following her graduation, she spent a year in Paris and attended the Sorbonne. She later studied painting at UCLA and Otis College of Art and Design. After she attended a talk at LACMA about Elsa Schiaparelli's and Coco Chanel's influence on the paintings of Henri Matisse; Brooks began a project creating portraits of well known stylists, costume and fashion designers. Titled The Style Project. It challenged the viewer to "think about the meaning of personal style and question who is ultimately responsible for trends that take off in popular fashion." Brooks photographed her subjects in their own environments and then painted from the photographs. Between 2007 and 2009, Brooks contributed more than 70 essays about art and interviewed artists for First Person Artist, her weekly column in The Huffington Post. She founded the Huffington Post Arts section in 2010 and its Science section in 2011. In 2011 she presented "The Creative Process in Eight Stages" at a TEDx conference. Brooks lives in Los Angeles, and works out of a studio in Venice, California. She and her husband, Albert Brooks married in 1997. Together they have two children; a son and a daughter.

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