Joseph McDonnell, Climate Change, Glass and stainless steel, 96 x 36 x 40 inches (Four Seasons, Seattle, WA)
Resin sculpture made to look like a heap of oversized ice cubes in lush backyard setting
Joseph McDonnell, Just(ICE), Polyurethane resin, 12 x 18 feet (Seattle University, Seattle, WA)
Blow glass sculpture installation by Joseph McDonnell in a private home
Joseph McDonnell, Fountain of Life (Danae), Glass
Joseph McDonnell sculptural gate to a private driveway made from bronze geometric shapes
Joseph McDonnell, Second Gates to Paradise, Bronze
Brushed stainless steel sculpture by Joseph McDonnell in the shape of an oval in a park setting overlooking the ocean
Joseph McDonnell, Locking Piece IV, Stainless Steel
Large stone disc sculpture by Joseph McDonnell made into a water feature set between office buildings
Joseph McDonnell, Alba Rosa Fountain, Granite, 10 x 12 feet (Silver Spring, MD)

Joseph McDonnell’s half century of exploration of abstract and figurative sculpture in stone, bronze and steel gave him the solid reputation of a major force in late modern sculpture, and by the eighties, he was recognized for his strongly geometric, yet fluid locking pieces, cube compositions and monumental, multi-faceted gates. More recently, McDonnell reinvented himself as he began working with a medium that had fascinated him since childhood, when he would melt glass rods over the stove to create quirky animals. His glass ice cubes, and the later interpretation of the subject in resin for outdoor installations, often stacked or aggregated into horizontal groupings, can be seen as a logical evolution for a sculptor who had repeatedly proven he was willing to work hard and take risks.

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