Peter Busby

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Peter Busby

I approach art from the perspective of inclusion. Through sculpture, I hope to inspire and foster a connection between the environment, my work, and a broad spectrum of viewers. My aim is to create works of art that are elegant, yet simple, create a sense of place, leave a lasting impression upon viewers, and achieve a sense of timelessness.

My artwork has evolved from the concept of space being defined by a single line, to structures defined by woven surfaces. I work with steel rod in a way that echoes lines drawn by pencil, only my metal markings are free of paper and, thus, create three- dimensional drawings.

My particular attention to line results in sculptures comprised of both positive and negative space. This spatial interplay causes the sculptures to feel both empty and full, and invites viewers to complete the volume that the framework suggests. The negative space, which has become a fundamental aspect of my work, also allows viewers to pass through the work, thereby incorporating the surrounding environment. This interaction and interplay between the artwork, the viewer, and the environment is what I continually strive to achieve with my work.


Peter Busby
Grazing Horse

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