Nellie King Solomon

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Nellie King Solomon

The paintings are spaces where energy moves matter. They are experiences of the great western landscapes, interior and exterior terrain, the shock of unabsorbed events. Events double back to devour themselves. Momentum overtakes strategy. Land marred and poisoned is disarmingly beautiful and dramatic in its tragedy. California is a place where we are caught off guard, a place of gambling, chance, and change. I paint it.

Treasure Island West Bound, Trip ‘n fall again, Monster, Shafted, Oxy 10, Smokey, Bandit, Blindsided — titles are from TV, traffic, bubble gum wrappers, volatile economics, ecological disasters, seductive beauty.

I make the space in between things. I paint what I know is there but can not see. Empty space allows motion. Custom made tools and heavy mill mylar allow color to flow or pool without the scaled imprint of hand or brush. Liquid marks leave evidence of something having happened there. The slick paint attracts and repels like oil spills or hot toxic color fields: beautiful pictures of terrible things. The translucent surface allows the edges to disappear into the wall. The wall misbehaves to reveal a painting; the paintings are subversive architecture.



2008   Fia.
2005   Oxford Plaza, Housing Design, Berkeley CA Design of 12′ high 200′ long Painted Freeze Exterior to wrap around 6th floor of new building
2004   2-4 Winfield St . San Francisco, CA Sale of Building
Coso Hillside Land Slide, San Francisco, CA Advocating for the release of $185,000 from DPW for the repair of the hill supporting 2-4 Winfield St.
2001   A New World Trade Center: Design Proposals Drawing for Max Protech Gallery, New York, NY
Horizons, Battered Women’s Charity Organization, The Family Center, NY, NY Advocate for WTC 9/11 Survivors, helping them get relief checks
1999   Blade Runners Hair Salon, San Francisco, CA Artist Design/ Build Installation
Marta Fry Landscape Architects, San Francisco, CA Rendering
Dan Solomon Inc., San Francisco, CA for Stanford University dormitory Freeze, Designer.
Villa Montalvo Artist Residency, Saratoga, CA Artist Collaborator on Architectural Design
1998   The Design Company, San Francisco, CA Alamo Car Rental, Miami, FL Design and Rendering
The Rockwell Group, New York, NY: The Bronx Zoo, Bronx, NY. Planet Hollywood, Frankfurt, Philadelphia, and KualaLumpur, Clubs and Dioramas. Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV Designer
1997   Vito Acconci, Brooklyn, NY: Park on the Water, Green Point Long Island, Conceptual Design and Drawing for Competition
Battery Park City, New York, NY Vesey Green Park: in Collaboration with Quennel Rothschild Associates and Barabara Stauffacher Solomon Design and Drawing
1996   Ricardo Bofill, International Architect, Tailler de Arquitectura, Barcelona, Spain Monchyplein, The Hague. SPI Fiumicino, Rome. Place del Europa, Luxembourg. Subway Station, Tokyo. Airport VIP Tower, Barcelona Design and Presentation Drawings
1994   Ahrens Studio, Novato, CA Holiday Inn, Phoenix, AZ: 40’x20′ Neoclassical Italian Fresco Mural, Faux Marble, and Faux Boix finishes.
Macy’s Department Store, CA. Nineteen 7′ high Indian Women of Fiberglass, Styrofoam, and Plaster. Sculptor and Painter
1993   David Ireland, SF and Oakland, CA Sculptor’s Assistant
1992   Scarpa Museum, Venice, Italy Art Handling and Installer
1989   Palazzo San Polo, Italy XVIth Century Fresco and marmarino Ceiling Restorator


Nellie King Solomon
Shock Event
acrylic, soda, ash, crystalina on canvas
3'6"x 3'6"

Nellie King Solomon
Shock Event 2
acrylic, soda, ash, crystalina on canvas
3'6"x 3'6"

Nellie King Solomon
Cold Crop
mixed media on canvas
3' 6"x 3' 6"

Nellie King Solomon
Thayer Blue
acylic, mixed media on canvas
3'6"x 7'

Nellie King Solomon

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