Joseph McDonnell

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Joseph McDonnell

He has produced more than 150 major commissions for institutions, corporations, and individuals including CBS, IBM, General Electric, Readers Digest, Dulles Airport, the Milwaukee Public Museum and the New Jersey State Government. In addition, he has been commissioned to design sculptures for awards given to honorees of Jazz at Lincoln Center, the Westchester Open Golf Classic, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others. He has been a resident of Seattle for the past fifteen years. McDonnell has been an associate editor and sculpture critic for the monthly newspaper Art World. He is also a longtime member of the Century Association where he served on the exhibition committee for many years.


Abmeyer & Wood, Seattle WA 2013
Melissa Morgan Fine Art, Palm Desert CA 2013
Weber Fine Art Gallery, Greenwich CT, 2008
Modern Masters Fine Art, Palm Desert CA, 2008
Elaine Baker Gallery, Boca Raton FL, 2007
Modern Masters Fine Art, Palm Desert CA, 2006
Weber Fine Arts, Greenwich CT, 2005
Winston Wachter Gallery Seattle WA, 2005
Foster/White, Seattle WA 2002
Weber Fine Art Gallery Scarsdale NY, 2002
Foster/White Gallery, Seattle WA, 2001
Nardin Galleries, New York NY, 1997
Nardin Gallery, Somers NY, 1995
Century Association, New York NY, 1995
Paige Gallery, Dallas TX, 1982
Ellsworth Gallery, Simsbury CT, 1980
Westlake Gallery, White Plains NY, 1978
John Wanamaker Fine Arts Gallery PA, 1970
Flint Art Institute, Flint MI, 1964
Galleria Goldoni, Florence Italy, 1963
McNay Art Institute, San Antonio TX, 1964
Florence Art Gallery, Florence Italy, 1962
Galleria Pater, Milan Italy, 1962
Galleria Goldoni, Florence Italy, 1961
Galleria L’88, Rome Italy, 1961


Joseph McDonnell
Gates of Paradise

Joseph McDonnell
9' tall

Joseph McDonnell
Double Helix
Stainless steel

Joseph McDonnell
Good Time Charlie
Blown glass
Dimensions vary

Joseph McDonnell
Rock Candy
Blown glass

Joseph McDonnell
Mayan Totem
Dimensions vary

Joseph McDonnell
Locking Piece I

Joseph McDonnell
Locking Piece VI
Stainless steel

Joseph McDonnell
Chinese Bracelet
Red glass

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