Lisa Bartleson is a California based, interdisciplinary artist working across genres of painting, installation, sculpture, and ceramics. Known for her exploration of materiality within the light and space movement, her body of works consists of repetitive, meditative mark-making and lustrous color strips. Concentrating on light, color, and luminescence, Bartleson methodically captures discrete transitions between hues of color. Evoking a meditative state, her painting practice is intense and calming, kinetic and stagnant as each of her works focuses on a horizon point within the composition. In early 2016 Lisa Bartleson moved from Los Angeles to Petaluma, drawn to the city’s diffused light, vast open space, and small town feel, reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest where she was born and raised. In February 2017 the artist exhibited her body of work The Memory Project at the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, California, and her work has also been on exhibition the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles.